Building a Case and new PCB version

During the pandemic, I've had a bit of time to build laser tag. The last few weeks, I've been working on a case, new PCB's, and adding a lens to increase the range that the devices can send tags. At night, from a test just a moment ago, the normal range tags go over 200 feet, and the short range tags go about thirty feet. That's around where I want them to be. It's probably a bit shorter during the day, but I haven't done the daytime testing yet.

Case V0.99_3

This is quite a bit of an improvement over the prototype, shown below. I mean, they both work, but one of them is definitely a lot cleaner looking. And held together with more than tape and love. 


Also, the screen, indicator LED's, and sights all seem to be working well. The indicator LED's are a pretty big improvement in my book, considering that some players gave me feedback that it was hard to tell whether or not they were actually tagging other players. Indicator LED's solve that. If you successfully tag a player, your green "Good Hit" LED will blink. If you hit them with an ability, but it hit their armor (and therefore, the ability was blocked), the yellow "Hit Armor" LED will blink. If you are tagged, the red "Hit You" LED will blink, and an on board vibration motor will vibrate to indicate that you have been tagged.

Screen V0.99_2

I have a couple more minor tweaks to the case and PCB that I want to make, but the system as a whole is working nicely. I think I've gotten it to a place where it meets the requirements for version 1.0. I'll make a few of them to test that the functionality is what I want, but if it's there, then this is ready to be promoted to version 1.0! (Which, for me, means that it's at a place where it has all of the core functionality that I want it to have. And, it's a revision or two from being there)

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