Case Version 0.96

Started making a case for the laser tag device. I want something that will hold the arduino, battery, and align the infrared LED with a sight and optic so that it is easy to tag someone from far away. I've landed on using iron sights, similar to a pistol, to make it easy to aim the device at other players. 

This version is a re-make of an older version, with an attachable lens on the front. Below is a photo of one of the prototypes, with a device installed.

Case 0.96

Case 0.96

It seems to work well, and if you aim through the two posts, you can see the screen pretty easily. When I tried using them, I didn't look down at the screen very much, but the devices did send tags a considerable distance. I didn't measure it, but it went at least 50 yards. That is an acceptable range to play in a park, so I think that this design is at least good enough for the first version of the device. I'm not interested in making a case that looks more like a gun with a traditional trigger, so I'm not going to. This meets the criteria I have for a functional device, and is incredibly simple to make. So there you have it. 

I'll need to make another prototype to fix some small issues with hole sizes and how to more easily detach the lens, but overall it's a good prototype. Maybe one or two more versions and I'll say it's good enough to be promoted to version 1.0.  

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