Code update: All 10 classes built

After another big round of code changes, the first 10 classes are now added into laser tag. One of them is the "base" which other players can capture and revives players, so there are only 9 playable classes. But this completes the first version of the laser tag device. The different classes, and their abilities, are shown below. Every class can send a tag to deal 1 damage and has a different ability they can send that has different effects.

Special Abilities

1. Soldier - send 3 tags, but take 1 damage

2. Medic - heal 1 damage

3. Base (capturable, non-player class for stationary bases that can revive you to bring you back into the game

4. Pyro - has a short range flamethrower. Anyone hit by it takes double damage. And, when they are out, the get 5 extra health for 45 seconds (to encourage them to have an aggressive, charge your enemy playstyle)

5. Ice - slows down enemy tags

6. Poison - deals damage over time

7. Rock - gives armor that blocks abilities

8. Water - jams other people's devices, keeping them from sending abilities for a short time

9. Lightning - deals damage and removes character's mana, which keeps them from sending abilities

10. Necromancer - brings characters back from the dead.

I'm excited to test out the devices and the classes. The classes might need tweaking, along with the variables that control them, but I think this completes all the major coding work for version 1.0. I'm excited to release it and start making the final boards and case for the first version once this is tested.

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