Code update: V 0.901: Added three new classes

So, spent some time in the code and added three different classes. Now there are the following built:

1. Soldier class - ability to do triple damage, but take 1 damage

2. Healer class - ability to heal 1 damage

3. Base - ability to revive players. Can be "captured" and will change from the red team to blue team after taking 25 damage

4. Pyro class - ability to "ignite" other players in flame. Applies the "fire" status effect, which doubles all damage on that player. Also deals 1 damage. This special ability allows you to hold down the button instead of having to press it.

5. Ice class - ability to "freeze" other players with ice. Applies an "ice" status, that stacks up to 3 times. For each stack, players' main tag cooldown goes up, making it take longer for them to send their main tag.

I'm happy with how everything is displayed on the OLED, and it's now time to build a few more of them and do a play test. Right now, everything is prototypes with alligator clips and jumper wires, so I'll need to wire everything together and make is a bit more sturdy so you can run around with the devices. All in all, I think this next test will start testing whether the idea of class based laser tag adds another layer of depth to the game. And hopefully, makes it more fun. 

There are five more main classes to add after this, with 10 total. Although, technically, only 9 of them are playable classes. You don't really play as a base. That's just a base. 

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