Issues with Arduino Editor

So, Arduino released a product a while back that is basically an online IDE. They are calling it Arduino create, They have some cool things. Tools for IoT tech, SIM cards for using cell towers to connect stuff, and lots of other cool tools. They even have third party libraries installed.


For the Adafruit library that I"m using to run a 0.96" OLED screen, I get an error whenever I try to compile the code, "no matching function for call to 'Adafruit_SSD1306::Adafruit_SSD1306(int, int, TwoWire*, int)' ". 

So, I basically can't use that library on Arduino's web IDE. I'm really not sure why. To me, this seems like a problem between Arduino's Web Editor and Adafruit's library, and I do not have the tools or resources to troubleshoot that. Nor do I need to, since I can still use the arduino IDE on my computer just fine. I tried using other versions of the library and checked that the library that I'm using with the Arduino software on my PC is the same as the version on the web editor. Still no dice. I even tried modifying the function that it said had an error. Made the code completely fail. 

But, they have a lot of cool tools. Like making it super easy to share code, either through links or iframes that you can embed in a website. Like this one. 

So, I've included the example sketch, from the library itself, below so you can see for yourself if you get the same error. I am totally going to use this to embed code in the website in the future because it is great, but it means that it won't work for the final product. You'll have to compile that on your own PC. 

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