Laser Tag Test - Version 0.89

V 0.89

Build prototypes of the laser tag system, version 0.89, including a case and a lens to columate the light and send the tags further. 

Prototype Case

Tested it in a park with five other people, and the devices worked! You could send the tags about 100 feet and tag people while they were running. That is a big improvement over the old model, which made it nearly impossible to tag someone while they were moving, and they didn't go as far. 

I also got some feedback on the device itself. Overall, the device worked, but it could use a few improvements on telegraphing to the other players when you are out, and adding an LCD to display information to the player. Right now, it was using the RGB LED to convey information to the player, and using an LCD would make that much easier. Especially as the game gets more complicated. 

Overall, I'm happy with how the devices performed. Sending and receiving tags worked well, and with a little instruction, it was easy to do. That is the core mechanic of the game, and if that is working well, then I have a solid base to build the rest of the mechanics of the game on. So now, the rest of the year can be adding to that base mechanic of sending and receiving tags.

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