New PCB Color and headband changes

Got a new white PCB and soldered it up. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. 

V0.98 Case, PCB, and Headband

I also made some changes to the headband to use elastic strips instead of only using velcro (hook and loop) strips. I used hot glue to attach the velcro to the elastic, and it works fine. The only thing that sometimes gets in the way is hair, so the headband is more reliable when you put it on over a hat (baseball hats seem to work pretty well for this). 

For the next series of tests, I'm going to try adding the IR receivers onto the RGB LED strip, and compare that to raising the IR receivers one inch up off of the top of the player's head. There were a few occasions where I couldn't seem to tag someone, and it may be because the IR receivers were blocked by the other player's head. But, overall, the devices work and you can play a game of laser tag with them. Woohoo!

Also made some minor code changes to make it easier to see when you've hit someone with a status effect (poison, fire, etc.). Their headband now stays that color while they have that effect active (red for fire, green for poison, etc.). This will make it easier for players to work together and combine their abilities. 

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