PCB Version 0.89

Got in the PCB's for the arduino shield from Osh Park

arduino shield

Now that I have the sensor package for the headband and the arduino shield, it was time to test out these PCB's and see how they are.

First, I checked the PCB with a voltmeter, then soldered on the components, making sure to keep the IR receivers for the headband long (so it's easy to detect on your head) and the IR LED legs long (so it can fit into a case, which is currently being re-designed). 

soldered boards

Next, I built another headband and added the sensor package to the headband.


Finally connecting the two together, and voila! 

Version 0.89

And, it works! I'm glad that the prototype worked on the first try. Things brings me one step closer to finishing the PCB version of laser tag. I'll need to do at least one more revision of the board before releasing it as version 1.0, but it's definitely getting there. Maybe one or two more revisions, and it'll be good to go!

I learned some things from these boards. First was that there was one inconsistency with the RGB LED wire labeling, and I want to add some sort of connector so that it is easy to plug and unplug the headset from the arduino. It'll make it easier to store. 

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